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Xtreme-g Tweaked Drivers Nvidia

There are no video bugs in this set, and these are the most stable drivers in many, many months. These drivers have a temperature reporting bug. Do all these drivers work with RivaTuner? This will fix the temperature issue.

Anyone running these drivers here? Highly Recommended for Nvidia cards. Couple that with complete stability, and the least issues of any driver to date. Does RivaTuner work with them? Was I doing something wrong?

Not much in it with other games I tested. They must have came out during the night as I checked yesterday. Quite a nice set that includes laptop support as well. Many people have reported good performance gains with this set. Far Cry is a work of art, with all textures looking crisp and flawless, and lighting dramatic but realistic.

The guys at Tweakforce, who have tested it says it runs Crysis very nicely. Western Digital Caviar gb Black edt. This set does not include coolbits so you must use other software to overclock. The latest TweaksRus Forceware drivers. Are they worth installing?

Othervice you may not get the result you like, or the new driver wont perform at it's best. Far Cry is so realistic that you will want to apply insect repellant before playing it. This set has gotten alot of great feedback so give them a try. This is about the most noticeable performance improvement I have ever seen from a modded driver. This is the one I use for the moment.

Xtreme-g tweaked drivers nvidia

Xtreme-G nVidia Drivers

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TweakForce Xtreme-G Drivers - GeForce Forums

But not the best performers. This could be just what you are looking for to push your system to the next level! All others are fully supported. These are supposed to be great for Oblivion.

But as always with tweaked drivers. Does anyone have experience or success with any tweaked drivers?

Videocards - NVIDIA Forceware (Modified)

TweakForce Xtreme-G Drivers. These drivers do not have the forceware temperature bug in them. The latest set of drivers from the guys over at TweaksRus. The most obvious difference is choice.

Yeah I run these tweaked drivers when they are released to see how good they are. These drivers are expected to be similar to the next official Nvidia release. Good drivers for games, not so great for benches. Since i don't have much issues with the apart from specific games having their own issues, hp deskjet f4280 driver windows 7 32bit i can't really confirm these drivers fix or solve anything.

Tweakforce OFFLINE XtremeG

David Yeah I run these tweaked drivers when they are released to see how good they are. The latest release from nvidia tweaked for your enjoyment.

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Tweakforce OFFLINE XtremeG

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TweakForce Xtreme-G Drivers - GeForce Forums

Rather good looking and stable drivers. Highly Recommended drivers. And then throw in the performance improvements, and this is a must have set.

Here are the latest drivers from the guys over at TweaksRus. Wolf who first brought up the subject of tweaked drivers. Use a driver cleaner before you install the next driver. It is assumed that all driver releases following these drivers will also have correct temperature reports. This is the bugfix version with the video problems sorted out.