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Connect the power connector to the included power adapter. Power can be supplied locally at the camera location or a cable can be pulled from a power source to the camera. See the instruction manual provided with your security product for full details.

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Night vision cameras cast out infrared light which allows them to generate clear black and white video in complete darkness. Use whatever is easier for you and is good for long-term wear and tear. There are many solutions for doing this, you can just wrap each connection and tie it off with electrical tape, or use a special adapter to join both ends.

Types of PTZ cameras


This is important to note because you may find that your camera uses a proprietary protocol and will not be compatible with certain devices or vice versa. First, they all require power and a video cable from the camera to the video recorder. The baud rate is the speed at which the camera receives the information. If you need any help grasping this concept, generators hook up give us a shout on our line and speak to a tech today.

There are a few different ways you can do this. Depending on your device or system you may have the ability to change the Data Bits, Parity, and Stop Bits. This option is becoming very popular. The light level can be as low as. You can use the power supply included with the camera or use a multi-camera power supply which can power multiple cameras from one central location.

How to install and connect PTZ cameras

PTZ Camera Control Options

So you have three connections to worry about. This is accomplished by connecting the sensors to the alarm inputs on the video recorder and programming the cameras response to an alarm condition. The major thing to this camera is the data connection. The power supply can be located up to feet from the camera.

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  • If not, you will not be able to control the camera.
  • To quickly display this information on the monitor, disconnect and reconnect the camera power adapter.
  • This will be one twisted wire pair plus the Ground.
  • This will save you a ton of time when you are installing.
  • The size of the wire dictates the maximum distance the cable can extend from the camera to the power source.

How do you connect multiple PTZ cameras

The protocol is simply the language that that particular camera is using.

This allows you to select which device you wish to work with when controlling them. They draw so much power for the night vision to work properly that they must be powered locally near the camera with the power supply included with the camera. You will need a bnc connector to connect to the camera's female end. The pigtails coming out the back of the surveillance camera is power, video, and data.


PTZ Camera Controller Setup

The video cable provides the data communication to the camera providing complete control. Last is the data connection. Click Apply to save your settings. Now back to the picture above! Once this setup is complete, you will be able to move the cameras, configure preset positions, and use other advanced controls.

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Plug the power adapter into a power outlet. After you screw down the connection, you match up your twisted pair to the correct inputs and you are done. The cameras are shipped with their own power supply.

Do not position the camera in a way that blocks movement or the camera could be damaged. Insert both red wires into one side of the connector, teacher dating and both black wires into the other side. The maximum distance for the video-control cable is feet. Connect cameras to video and power as shown in the previous section.

  1. Make sure you note the type of power the camera uses and that the power supply matches the camera.
  2. Your manual will always be your best resource for information.
  3. This is possible because the video recorder has a built-in power supply and can induce power for the camera onto the network cable.
  4. You basically will have to connect both raw ends.
How to connect a security camera to a surveillance DVR
PTZ Camera Installation

For accuracy of this article, australian christian I will also include the following information. This makes it a perfect choice for many situations. You may find that your camera has many different protocol selections available so pay attention to the diagram showing you how to select the proper one. Click here for details on the information required.

How to connect your IP camera

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