Hook up two compressors, single tank dual pump air compressor setup/hookup

Tag-Teaming Two Compressors

If you are interested in further information about combining two air compressors together, please use the Sitemap page to find the many that address this subject, or, leave a question here. If both compressors are always under load you may not need a check valve. Add switches to control operation of either or operation.

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As long as both compressors will pump to the same pressure there shouldn't be any conflict. The check valves would be so that the compressors could be disconnected without having turn off both compressors and drain the pressure from them. How Compressors Run A quick review of how compressors work also covered in detail on a page on this site is that they have an air tank into which air is pumped.

Another non-passing valve before the tee in the discharge coupler of the primary compressor, allowing air out of the tank, but not back into it from the other compressor. Can I add the gas powered compressor near to the additional receiver to use in combination with the electric compressor? The smaller unit continues to run until its setpoint of psi then it shuts off. It is a setup for my garage at my home.

You can control one or both motors by either pressure switch. Just make sure there is no way to overpressure any tank. Suggestions and experience would be greatly appreciated.

If you have two air compressors, select which will be the primary air compressor and plumb a tee into the discharge coupler on that one. Dual check valves is not a given but the latest poster did not say what type of pumps he has. However, once again, air from the secondary tank may flow back into the tank of the primary air compressor rather than down the line to the air tool. The Champion duplex I have, has two pressure switches.

Why not visit this page for info on plumbing two compressors together? And you need to put a check valve in each output line from the compressor before that line gets to the tee. Do you have a question about Combining Two Air Compressors? This set up would be parallel, right, with the two tanks into one?

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Air Compressors Is there an easy way to hook up two different size air compressors on the same air line system. Both compressors will plumb to the same air main to your plant. Hence the pressure switch with the lowest setting controls both compressors. Sometimes two air compressors can provide enough air for a high demand air tool.

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Connecting Two Compressors Together

Tag-Teaming Two Compressors

The pressure switch itself turns the power to the actuating coil on and off thereby starting and stopping the motor. Single pump low Single pump high Both pumps low or high One low and one high to allow staged or on demand. Do I need a need a second receiver? Just was thinking afterwards that the inline check valves might be needed to stop harm as you stated could or will occur.

At which point the secondary compressor would start too, even though the primary would be running as well. Im thinking im just going to machine a Y block to atleast rule that scenario out. The check valves are a great ideal. Would I need to T off the pressure switch, spiritual online dating australia and add to the new pump?

Connecting Two Air Compressors

Set the pressure setting of the smaller unit to, say, psi. Originally Posted by darkbreeze. The image above is of a simple, in-line, check valve for compressed air. Simply run both starter coils off one pressure switch. If you really want more air though why goto psi?

Single tank dual pump air compressor setup/hookup

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We use them all the time to pressures vastly exceeding you air compressor. First we need to know what compressor you have because each brand might be controlled differant. Best way really, prolly worth adding another tank and check valves to do this. Originally Posted by Shadon.

  • Put check valves on the outlet of the two compressors and use short hoses to connect them into a tee.
  • So the pressure switch is already installed with the first pump.
  • The only thing is to set the larger machine to a lower pressure than the small machine.
  • One motor has a smaller pulley than the other.
  • Anyone ever done this or have advise?

Set the pressure switches to whatever the line pressure is desired. Any possibly way that you could add links for a check valve and a tee and what else could possibly be needed for this process? Prolly best to set things up so you can use either one on its own or both together as needed. Essentially, once the air demand drops the tank pressure to cut in, the compressor will start.

  1. On power up, both machines run until the larger unit reaches psi at which time it shuts off.
  2. Two, if the discharge valves in the head of one of the compressors ever goes bad, at best your net pumping efficiency will go to hell, at worst you will damage or blow up a pump.
  3. Ill just jump on this one.
  4. As you use air, the tank air pressure drops.
  5. Two compressors feeding one tank is no problem.
How to use two air compressors to increase CFM

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Another, single air compressor, can have the same problem with that same air tool. Or, connecting two air compressors to the same air line to the tool, if you have a couple of small air compressors around, might work. The frequency of the back-up compressor switching on will be predicated on the pressure switch settings of that compressor.

Most of the control switches are adjustable. Just adjust the the one want to start later to a lower restart pressure. Also note it needs to be continuous duty rated.

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Then the larger unit kicks on. If you must run both pump outputs into one tank port, use the biggest tee that will fit into the port, and reducing bushings for the two check valves. The primary holds around psi, and my secondary holds about psi max, I want to keep my main compressor from running all the time and burning up. Can you post the specs of the compressors? By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.

You just use what comes with the compressors, with a bit of creative compressed air plumbing. One pump and the motor are the factory setup for this compressor. Join Date Feb Location St. Take a care not to install it backwards!

Picture of each unit would help also. Arrange a plug and lead system so that you can either connect the switches in series or set-up individually by switching connectors. It will also work without the check valves, dating online because both have to be set to the same pressure. What you will do is increase the available compressed air flow at the pressure the system needs. Set the pressure setting of the larger unit to psi.

Connecting Two Air Compressors

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Garage Air Lines Secondary Receiver and Combining Compressors

Under powered it is, for sure. The reality is, compressed air always flows through the easiest path from high pressure to low. Odds are the smaller one won't need to run all that much unless you're blasting, etc.

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