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Compaq Presario Sk-2700 Keyboard Drivers

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Security To protect your files and programs, your Notebook provides several security features. It is easily identified by the file extension. Refer to your Warranty Statement for details.

On-screen instructions are provided that you must follow when you set up your modem. Storing The Battery See also inserting, removing, and charging your battery. The information in this chapter provides helpful instructions for the maintenance and care of your Notebook. The heat from the sun shining on the display screen can reduce its performance and cause glare. The Warranty Statement and Poster are included in your kit.

Gently pry outward the tabs that hold the memory module in place. To reduce the risk of electric shock and damage to the equipment, read the Safety and Comfort Guide. An interface that allows the computer to record sounds created by a synthesizer and then manipulate the data to produce new sounds, such as changing the key of a composition. When unplugging from the electrical outlet, grasp the cord by the plug. If your Notebook is consistently exposed to direct sunlight, consider moving it.

Compaq presario sk-2700 keyboard drivers

Any hardware you connect to your computer wouldn't work properly without its appropriate drivers. Drivers are special pieces of software that allow Windows to communicate with other software programs and hardware. Turn your Notebook bottom side up. The microphone jack, headphone jack, and optical drive are located on the right side panel.

As the owner of a new Compaq Notebook computer, you have joined the worldwide community of mobile computer users. Dispose of or recycle them by using a public collection system or returning them to Compaq, your authorized Compaq partners, samsung clp-600n drivers for mac or their agents.

Display only fills part of the screen. You can use a soft, damp, lint-free cloth to wipe the screen clean. Battery charge does not last as long as expected. It holds a copy of the operating system, any programs that are running on the computer, and any data that is being processed. An expansion card or other device used to connect a computer to a local area network.

It also makes typing a more pleasant experience. This chapter shows you how to maintain and recharge your battery properly so that your Notebook computer has the power necessary to continue running. You can damage the disc and your Notebook if the disc is not seated properly. After a few seconds, the disc automatically starts playing.

The typing mask is precisely molded to fit only these keyboards and will not fit any other model keyboard. We have most popular keyboard model masks available and we are adding new ones all the time. Cleaning the keyboard prevents keys from sticking and jamming. The typing masks are precisely molded to keyboard models.

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All other product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Determine the location of the memory modules. Before closing the disc tray, ensure that the disc snaps onto the spindle in the center of the tray. Internet phone A video telephone that allows you to make long-distance calls over the Internet. These buttons give you one-touch access to Internet activities or to software applications.

compaq presario drivers

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When inserting the memory module into its socket, ensure that the module is correctly aligned with the socket. Modem Common Tasks The physical connection of a computer to the Internet is typically through a telephone line.

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Refer to the Compaq Getting Started poster. Installing the latest Compaq Presario drivers can fix this problem, however, manual installation is time-consuming and tiresome. Before contacting Compaq Customer Support, you will need the serial number from the underside of your Notebook. The typing mask slips on and off easily as needed without damaging the keyboard.

Compaq presario drivers