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The results of the test will determine what type of person would be the ideal partner. Scams My husband got onto this site, he met up, on line, with a woman named Doris who seduced him and it turned out to be a scam. Due to the tailored matches through the personality test you are far more likely to find the right partner for a long term relationship. Then the refuse to communicate becasue they have my money. They then tried to take a whole years subscription of euros.

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  1. You will have to pay for a membership to use the platform completely.
  2. Do they think that I am an idiot?
  3. We have to join forces against these scammers.
  4. You can search new matches as well, meaning you can use the app all time, whilst on the go as well as at home!
  5. They rely on tricking people using fine print.
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Any ideas on how to deal with their debt collector? They just tell me its gone to their debt collection agency. We have to give this blog more visibility.

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This fraud would make you think someone is interested in you. There are always fakes on every online portal. Most of the people on line do not exist and many are stolen identities. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there. Same situation, as soon as I saw it was automatic charge after trial period I e-mailed them that I wanted to cancel.

Obviously, I would not want to continue as they are fraudulent. It wasn't at all easy as you discovered when you tried. Tried to cancel but couldnt.

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Online dating in Australia is getting more and more popular with everyone these days. Local activity in Australia. They gave me a list of instructions which I should follow to cancel my membership really. Can i check how was the case resolved for you?

Of course I did not and haven't heard from them since. Can i ignore it or i have to pay it? Our practical test showed great results. Instructions on site changes and are all impossilble to complete. Let them receive much correspondence on the topic.

They rely on people not reading. You can also contact support staff directly. Try and fill in every section of your profile and interests.

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The steps to complete the profile are easy to follow and answers can be given by a simple click. After completing the personality test users are asked to create a personal welcome message which is visible to other users. Users can contact potential partners as soon as they receive their list of matches. Eight months later I have just recieved a letter from a german debt collector for euros.

My story is exactly the same as all above but now I am being threatened by Auer Witte Theil Solicitors. This allows you to test the platform before committing to the site. Contact their account'S department and youR money would be refunded. Registrations seemed to be monitored in order to avoid the presence of dishonest people on the site.

For the love of god it's a simple scam, even that is too complex for you? Every post has exactly the same story to tell, people, matchmaking like us who have had money taken from them or some sort of threat of legal action because we have stopped credit cards etc. Thank you are the words you're looking for. Exotic No Preference Caucasian Black.

Scam scam scam This site is a scam. Ignore any letters and advise any callers from such agencies to leave or the police will be inolved as you are being dunned under false pretenses. They simply ignored my request. There is no reference to cost whatsoever in the General Terms and Conditions either.

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Nevertheless both the website and the app offer great features and good usability. Upload your nicest photos. However, I am waiting to hear from their debt collector. They are fraudulent and should be exposed to the world in this manner.

The primary purpose of this dating site and others is to get money out of people without providing what you have paid for. Alternative brands for this dating niche. Global dating sites are dominated by foreign users, and local offerings are hard to come by. It offers a great value for money to singles in Australia.

Any agreement that is impossible for a customer to comply is not valid, dating a black girl in my opinion. They do not disclose that they take hundreds of your dollars and the fine print no one ever bothers to read. Tomorrow I will write to Panorama and Despatches. Each user receives partner suggestions in accordance with their own personal preferences and personality traits!

Make yourself look interesting and fun to get to know! These people eventually started sending me some of the same emails. This gives an opportunity to greet others.

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  • My husband got onto this site, he met up, on line, with a woman named Doris who seduced him and it turned out to be a scam.
  • Not sure what process is going to be on the cards, just sure as hell not going to get call them as they'd harass me over the phone.
  • Once payment has been received we shall close the matter and put the file on record.
  • They will take more money from your account because you have not cancelled your subscription.
  • Ignore their emails - they can't and won't do anything about it.


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