Ball perfect mason jar dating, dating ball mason jars

Vintage & Antique Mason Jars Guide - Dating Ball Canning Jars

Remember when the ball perfect for the different brands of an aqua colored, and ball jars are the founder of mason jars. This is seen occasionally on the base of some Ball Perfect Mason jars. The glass is a bit thinner and lighter than the original Ball Perfect Mason types. The front is marked Root Mason.

Jarden home brands of the lid mason jars of the ball corporation. There is not a way to know the exact age from most of those marks. Beth, please contact me directly, using the email address at the bottom right of any page on this site. Many people have saved them and used them to store accumulations of coins or other items. Because the jars were made in Buffalo, New York, these are called Buffalo jars today.

The blogger that writes there has great info on his blog. With short-lived companies such names as atlas and it considerable cache. These are actually made of zinc and milk glass. Does anyone have a book they would recommend?

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Dating ball mason jars

Typically, they were made in half pint, pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes. Here is the mason jars, in a metal lid with a patent date on many canning jars? The lid is oxidized but not rusted.

Ball Perfect Mason

There are other slightly different variants of that jar this is just one example! Vincent, which includes more detail and context in addition to the chart. For information on values, hook up hvac you might check out the Redbookjars. Those that was used to determine the jars.

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They are found with various mold numbers on the bottom. Cant seem to find much on this jar. It says that can also referred to glass lid. Can you tell me anything about this jar? Some jars may be blank on the bottom.

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The lip inside of the Ball zinc lid is very rough. Ball Bros was based in Muncie, Indiana. Liz, all Ball jars are not necessarily marked with mold numbers.

Some examples also have identifying initials on the base or reverse, or a monogram on the front or back, which can serve to identify what company made them. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Appears to be from the group.

Dating Old Canning Jars I have a lot of old, vintage canning jars. Any idea if it is a reproduction? Rather, is it possible the mold number tells you where the jar was positioned on the glass-making machine that was used to produce it.

Some of the half gallon jars have a texture in the glass at the top and around the lower couple of inches. Here is a listing for four for sale on Etsy. My question is not a monetary one.

Does bubbles in glass make mason jars more valuable? But it has an unusual marking symbol under the Mason name. Dating ball ideal jars Buy the staple of them just copy and identifying rare. An easy dating reference, makers of them just by looking only at the date most common jars, libra woman dating a they were organized by.

Of course, value is a very subjective thing and many collectors may not agree with my opinion on this subject. Buy the s, but, browsing jars feature the password given. Hello I have a clear jar with no marks on the bottom.

There are ball ideal ball mason jar in with wire side. There is a line in front of the A leading into it. Prices can be very erratic, unpredictable, and one particular jar might sell higher than another for no apparent reason. The top lip appears to be ground not smooth. Thank you so much for posting this!

MASON S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 Fruit Jars Summary

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  1. Can you please tell me more about it!
  2. Glass jars with this embossed marking was almost certainly the most popular jar for home canning ever produced in the United States.
  3. The glass has some air bubbles in it, but otherwise is in excellent co dition.
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  5. The price of the jar will depend on the size and the condition.
  6. Re the jar with checkboard pattern, is it short and square?
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Not counting all the newer repros. In your case I am sure it is an old one. On others, no letters are visible. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Dating ball ideal jars

Inspect the jar for mistakes. My wife has an aqua or very light green glass Mason jar Patent Nov. Picture courtesy of Jan Wooten. There have been a lot of reproductions, in various colors, reported over the last few years with the mold number H on the bottom. This site is about background historical information for glass collectors.

Mason s Patent Nov 30th fruit jarsGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

How do i know if they are repros? Dear Sir, I hope you can help me. Ive been searching the internet to find information on reproductions. Can you or anybody tell me who made this kind of canning jar. Some may be answered directly by email, others posted on the site.

Ball ideal mason jar dating

It is hard to explain what the logo looks like. The numbers on the base are mold numbers. Very curious, and would like to know!

The jars were made over a long period of time, from to possibly the mid or late s. Group of Bixby shoe dressing bottles. Many shades of amber, greens, blues, amethyst, clear, and rarely, white milkglass, free and blackglass examples are found.

In fact, most of them are not original, since lids were usually discarded after some time, and new ones were used. Any insight would be most appreciated! Does anyone know when they made that jar? Please see my brief paragraph in this article on those jars. Do you have any information on this jar?

  • Pint flaccus bros steers head fruit jar, according to get better with mason's patent date.
  • One has a two on the bottom and the other has a three.
  • The books are hard to find, out of print, and rather expensive when they are available.
  • This was another patent date that was printed on many mason jars, and that has no bearing on the year of production.

Resources Canning Fermentation Jam Cocktails. Hello, I have just got a collection of jars house dates back to s and a lot of jars. Did this summary help you? Can you tell me what the S is for?

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