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Mobile dating business is one of the hottest business and is growing progressively. View Details Material Wallpaper Wallpapers are in great demand by Android users as it allows them to customize their device home-screen. Developers provide video-walkthrough and support for this item if you use it in your own project. The matches are more likely to succeed in love life than the traditional method of matchmaking.

When building an Android app, it may be a good idea to start from an App Template, instead of starting from scratch. Publish in No Time Using template means publish your dating app in no time. You get well documented Android Studio project for the app, video walkthrough and post-purchase support from developers.

Hope you found our collection of app templates for Android useful. This Universal Android WebView app can be used to convert your own website into an app without the knowledge of coding. This template creates an app that has both an item list display and a display for the details of an individual item. The layout of the two displays depends on the device that is running the app.

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It allows you to start from scratch when building your app module or activity. As the name suggests, this app template can be used to create a cookbook or recipe app for the Android platform. This answers their concern for safety and security. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

With the download, you get the full Android source code, back-end source code as well as documentation for app and admin panel. With this dating app template, you can build your own dating app for the Android platform. You can use templates to create new app modules, individual activities, or other specific Android project components. Want to Create a Dating App?

Push Notification Receive notification only for an important event like matches and messages. Swipe for Like and Dislike Popular by demand swipe right, left and up to like, dating tinder dislike and superlike the user respectively. The app supports a virtual currency and in-app purchases.

Each can serve as either an entire app module or an individual activity. When you select the template you want to add, a corresponding wizard window appears and asks for the component's configuration information, more no such as its name. The sections are defined as fragments between which you can swipe left and right to navigate. The user can control their destiny.

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  1. The fullscreen view is the default and a user can activate the standard view by touching the device screen.
  2. Social networking apps are arguably the most used apps on any platform.
  3. Regular Update We all can visualize dating business before and after tinder came on the scene.
IMate Dating Android Template

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Top 12 Android App Templates with Source Code to Launch Your Own App
Universal Full Multi-Purpose Android App

One of the most common uses of templates is adding new activities to an existing app module. Note that these templates are available at a small price, however, the amount of time they will save you easily justify their price. Additionally, you can get support from the developers of these apps when you get stuck with anything.

Add code from a template

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Add code from a template
  • After you enter the configuration information, Android Studio creates and opens the files for your new component.
  • Wallpapers are in great demand by Android users as it allows them to customize their device home-screen.
  • Inspect device activity with Systrace.
  • This page discusses how to add Android project components like activities to your project and describes the commonly used activity templates available in Android Studio.
  • Why is tinder-like dating app being popular?
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Full documentation and support by the developer are also provided. This brings the clear hints to the user that another party is also interested in you. The app provides mobile image gallery and wallpaper system which can work offline too. Push notifications are also supported in this app. Smartphones have become the number one source of consumption of news and with this Android news app template, you are only one step away from launching your own news app.

This application created for Android is provided as Android Studio project and Eclipse project. This template creates a Basic Activity with a navigation drawer menu. Provided with the template is an Android app version and a web version.

Use this template when your application has three to five top-level destinations. In addition to activities, you can also add other Android project components to an existing app using templates. With all its features and competitive pricing, there is no any other option for beginners and professionals better than this. It extends the PreferenceActivity class and is more commonly used as an activity template than as an app module template.

If you want to expand your dating venture from mobile to computer platform i. No worries, you can create a tinder like dating app using dating app template. If you ever dreamt of launching your own social network then this app template is a perfect fit for you. This template creates a simple app with an app bar and a floating action button.

LoveLock Dating App Template for iOS and Android

Please enter your e-mail address. Admin Panel You get the admin panel to manage your users easily. Best value for money The traditional method of app development is rigorous and hefty method consuming lots of time and money. Developers have included video tutorials and are available for support in case you need it. Yes, how do you tell we all can understand how fabulous is this information and importance of the availability of dating app template for us who wants to start their mobile dating business.

This is the changing factor no one can stop. The app template is compatible with official Android Studio and an Eclipse project is also available. You also get a server side Admin Panel with the app which can be used to manage accounts and see what is happening inside the application. Receive notification only for an important event like matches and messages Matchmaking A user can define the criteria for the match to be made i.

As you scroll down the page, the toolbar, which can serve as a header, automatically condenses, and the floating action button disappears. Everyone knows that there is still room to progress in this field and make some money with dating app. Download What's new User guide Preview. To add an Android project component using a template, use the Project window. This section covers the commonly used activity templates for phone and tablet apps.

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Integration with Google Analytics and AdMob are also provided. The only thing you need to do is change name and logo. Run apps on a hardware device. Configurations such as currency, tax, user, etc can also be edited from the admin panel. Thus everything has been completed for you, just hook up all you need to do is change the Logo and name then in no time you will be in the game.

You also get an Admin Panel that can be used to manage orders and create category and product menu. The navigation bar expands from the left or right side of your app and appears in addition to the regular app bar. Lovelock dating app template is all based on the above spirit.

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