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Start blocking effectively or I will replace you. The best part of this is, and probably why I am no longer coaching for them, I never played football. Dear John, I wanted to send this email to personally thank you. Any defense consisting of six defensive backs.

Glad to see your books have not penetrated into my league yet. We snapped the ball to the blocking back and the tail back faked like there was a low snap and he ran to the strong side. They replace a defensive tackle with a corner. Coaching enables me to stay involved with the sport I love and the life lessons we learn about teamwork and effort and attention to detail are immeasurable. It also allows for ten offensive players to block, unlike in a conventional running play, in which the quarterback is usually not involved after delivering the ball to a running back.

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Hey coach I am the head coach for a year old tackle foot ball team in Oklahoma and would like to take a look at your plays. Our line captan make a line call before every play. The player receiving the snap is usually not a good passer, so defenses can bring linebackers and defensive backs closer to the line of scrimmage to clog potential running lanes. This book does an excellent job of preparing you to coach this age level.

Lawn Chair The lawn chair for snapping tryouts and practice worked great. They are still sometimes used in goal-line situations. One formation at this age was definitely a plus. The extra corner is often called a nickelback. Play with the Northern Florida conferce spring football.

  1. It can also be run with one or two wing backs like the flexbone formation allowing a running game and the ability to run the option.
  2. We had a few completions against us for small gains, but we intercepted several and even ran some of the picks back for touchdowns.
  3. Coach Reed Thank you for the great books on coaching youth football.
  4. They have really helped me and to what I have seen on the field, they have helped a lot of other coaches too.

We were the only team in this age group to use the shot-gun snap. Do you have Defensive play books also? Although I had played football as a youth I was not prepared to coach until I finished your books. If offenses grew wise to the drop back, the ends could pass rush instead. Certain college programs, muslim dating nyc such as the University of Hawaii and Texas Tech still use it as their primary formation.

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But if you want some good information about our success let me fill ya in. This play relies on good faking by the tailback and the wingback. We run a direct snap offense and are looking to go under center, but keep our smash mouth approach. Respectfully, Lewis Whipple. The only problem was the full size lawn chair was too tall.

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You mentioned that you would like to quote me about our success. This was the first year of a combined county league. Pee Wee team in the Nor Cal Federation.

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When our blocking backs did their job the play always worked. In this formation, one back the fullback lines up behind the quarterback. Still, this list of formations covers enough of the basics that almost every formation can be considered a variant of the ones listed below.

If there is a man head up on him he is the most dangerous man. The first play in the book is the off-tackle play. Again I want to thank you for helping us achieve this goal.

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We feel that this enables us to create mismatches with our different formations. Coach Reed, I have bought and read four of your books now on coaching youth sports. Here are three diagrams of I-Formation, strong side right that is, with the tight end lining up to the right, typical for a right-handed quarterback. The ducks look like a team you would coach. Once we shut down their off-tackle play, their achilles was broken.

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Not one of our players had ever played before. Last season we finished and lost in the league semifinals game in double overtime. Yes it was Pop-Warner and I contacted your in early to let you know how successful we were with a lot of your ideas.

Sprint-out run-pass All Hook pass Buck Lateral run pass. American football strategy. As the season progressed, I added a couple more plays.

Under the mercy rule we could no longer pass, or run outside the tackles. Its still our base offense. The offense could not get that breach off the tackle any more. Some were crying and feigning injury.

  • Granted, I think we would have been successful this year running a number of different schemes, but I also believe your systems were a huge contributing factor in us finishing undefeated.
  • We did not immediately win the championship, but I stayed with it.
  • Austin Watts led the Chapmanville defense with six tackles.
  • Would love to see your playbook to throw some other plays in other than the basics.
  • We were a very successful team using your philosophy.

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The video below shows our basic shift and a couple of our key pass plays. Disciplined ends and hard hitting corners were key to our containment success. We have read all of your books, and currently implement your defense. Not only have I learned coaching techniques from you, I've learned communication skills as well.

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The second is by converting the ends of a wide tackle six to safeties the defensive ends of a wide tackle six already have pass defense responsibilities. The next season, my son and I move up a level, and so do a bunch of the players from our previous years team. The power, dating another bottom misdirection and pass options of the system make our team very hard for defenses to stop.

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The Pistol formation adds the dimension of a running game with the halfback being in a singleback position. The modern descendant of the Single Wing. If you want to any other feedback to your single wing we used give me a ring. The wing reverse was only effective when defenses shifted somewhat to our unbalanced line. In this variation, there is only one wing back, with the other back lined up next to the fullback on the opposite side from the wing back.

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